Promotion and Advertising….

Im still in Mexico but the minister from the Unity Church in Nanaimo is starting to advertise the upcoming Artist Way group in Nanaimo starting on April 9th. We will be going through the second book, Walking in the World over the course of 12 Weeks starting in early April and ending on June 25th with a Christmas in June fiesta. I was in San Miquel de Allende in central Mexico during Christmas week so Ive got another chance to make use of the Christmas decorations I moved across the Georgia Strait in July.

The investment in this powerful and empowering program is only a mere 100. with 50% of the proceeds going right back to the Unity Church. Everyone will need a copy of the book new or used which is available locally or online and I will provide a journal for the first of three months of morning pages, a sketch/art journal, a single use fountain pen and a charcoal pencil.

For more information on the three basic tools recheck this blog periodically as I transfer the information from my Mexican AW blog which can be viewed on


Namaste, Joanna B


A New Artist Way Creative Cluster is Born!

This is the 12th and final week of the Ajijic Creative Cluster that has been gathering for the last three months to journey through Julia Camerons third book, Finding Water. Previous to this I was honoured to be able to fascilitate two previous AW groups for the first two books, The Artist Way and Walking in the World. Finding Water started on November 9th with three weeks off for the fiestas between Week 6 and 7. The final weeks theme is Perserverence.

Certainly having an Artist Way grupo in Mexico has had its special challenges due to the difficulty getting copies of the book but somehow we have soldiered on. Last week the big finale was a Champagne Opening on Friday night followed by two 10 to 4 p.m. days of Open Studio whereby 2A Donato Guerra as one of the 20 locations featuring 70 artists. La Luna Azul Arte Salon so named as this is a once in a blue moon event showcased six talented artists working in a variety of media.

So, now its onward and upward as I start to make my preparations to return to Canada and my newly adopted city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. This spring, the Unity Church of Nanaimo would like to sponsor me fascilitating the second book, Walking in the World starting on April 9th either in the morning or evening and culminating on June 25th. Watch for notices in the weekly church bulletin and also on this newly created blog that will serve the Artist Way community in the Harbour City!