Information on Walking in the World

Last night I did a brief promotional announcement at the Nanaimo Metaphysical Group gathering at the Unitarian Church. The Artist Way tribe is starting to gather and in just a few short weeks we will be embarking on a truly life changing/enhancing/enriching experience!

Here’s the book information and I have gone through the Unity Church site to order it via I ordered it on Wednesday and I received a message that it is being shipped today! I expect that it will arrive next week well in advance of the start of the 12 week session that starts on April 9th either on Tuesday mornings or evenings or both! If the session runs in the mornings I can offer an optional mini mixed media project to work on collectively as I did in my winter home of Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. I held the grupo right in my second floor apartment in the heart of the village and used my large dining room table to projects such as prayer flags, Artist Trading Cards, soul collage cards, blank greeting cards, nichos and retablos. The last two art forms are uniquely Mexicana so more on that later…

Anyway, here’s the book AND the 12 fabuloso themes!

And now for the 12 Themes!

Week One: Origin April 9th, a full session with 12 in attendance
Week Two: Proportion April 16th
Week Three: Perspective April 23rd
Week Four: Adventure April 30th
Week Five: Personal Territory May 7th
Week Six: Boundaries May 14th
Week Seven: Momentum May 21rst
Week Eight: Discernment May 28th
Week Nine: ResiliencyJune 4th
Week Ten: Comaraderie June 11th
Week Eleven: Authenticity June 18th
Week Twelve: Dignity June 25th

By all means call me at 250 816 6024 or email me at if you have any questions about this Artist Way group or the Artist Way in general. Namaste. joanna_b


Back in Nanaimo…

Well, after five wonderful months away in my winter home of Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico and ten days visiting people in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta I have returned to the Harbour City. After a couple of weeks of reverse culture shock including a bout of reverse Montezuma’s Revenge or some kind of similar ‘tourista tummy’  here in Canada NOT Mexico no less I am unpacking my suitcases and the parcels that I shipped ahead that have miraculously arrived in a very timely fashion. And to think I was given 50/50 odds of them even arriving at all! Thank you Mexican Post!

After getting used to bright, warm sunshine every single day (except for two days in November and three over New Years) fortunately the last couple of days have had some sun to walk in. Living in the ‘burbs’  in South Nanaimo is a bit of a challenge with no car until next month when I re-insure it but as the theme of the SECOND Julia Cameron book is ‘Walking in the World’ it seems fitting that I have started daily walks in my area of the city. No quite as interesting as walking around the charming village of Ajijic certainly the fresh air and exercise is doing me a world of good.

Earlier today, I did notify the minister at Unity Church to let he know that I am indeed back and willing to do a promo for the proposed 12 week Artist Way session starting on April 9th until June 25th. I am open to having the session either in the morning or in the evening or even both if the numbers warrant this. In Ajijic, we started with OMG 18 participants which was truly incredible as well as over-capacity but through natural attrition etc. the group settled at 12 which was optimal. A month ago, I was able to host five other artists in my Artist Way grupo for the Second Annual Ajijic Society of the Arts Open Studio Tour which was an incredible experience. If you check out the sister blog you can read our Artist Statements and look at pictures of the Artist Way Arte Salon a.k.a. my apartment on the corner of Donato Guerra and Constitucion Calle in Centro Ajijic.

A number between 6 and 12 is great and I will include the first month’s journal for Morning Pages, a single use fountain pen, a sketchbook and a charcoal pencil to equip us all on a level playing field so to speak.

Check this blog for more information on Julia Cameron AND the three basic Artist Way tools that she endorses for all three of her Artist Way books.

The Artist Way

Walking in the World

Finding Water

The church has a link for ordering from which has both new and used books for sale with very quick delivery times in my experience. And the church also gets a percentage of sales. Btw, just in case you are unaware of this half as in $50. the $100. participant fee will go directly to Unity. It is my experience with all three groups that I have led that the people who put their money up front where their commitment was netted the most benefit. They stuck with the program, did not falter or drop out and round about Week 6,7 and 8 they were present to witness the miracles unfolding in their lives!