Week Four’s Theme is Adventure!

Well, as we move into Week Four already just let me say that the group is settling into the time slot very nicely. I get there early to set up and prep for the class and at the end everyone pitches in to put the tables and chairs away and get the place ready for the next group which is tai chi. So to begin with a muy grande gracias to all for helping out. We’ve got it down to almost a science when it’s time to clean up. A-ma-zing and I say this as this is my first outreach off site group that I’ve facillitated.

Okay, onward to another wonderful theme that of Adventure in both the exteriour and interior realm. Once again these adventures don’t have to cost a nickel (I say this since pennies are now obsolete.) Every day can and really IS an adventure but certainly this week asks us to ‘push the envelope’ on what could/should/would be possible for you!

Vision is the art of seeing things unseen. Jonathan Swift. This week Julia Cameron asks to get out of our physical and mental ‘comfort zone’ and imagine what could be in our immediate world and beyond. From sketching everyday things in a small sketchbook that we carry around with us to fill in odd moments to having and writing down a dialogue with ourselves we are asked to think…and act large.

As a worldwide traveller (who had my wings clipped during 17 years of character home ownership) this chapter particularly resonates with me because going to Ajijic, Jalisco was certainly an adventure as it wasn’t even my idea in the first place but since I knew one person, the sister of an old friend from grade five no less, I just took that leap of faith and booked a ticket to Guadalajara and went there completely on spec, really. But the four months worked out just fine and this past winter I was there for five. And next winter? Well, it’s out of the ‘gringo’ zone to a place in Mexico where I can really work on mi espanol in a more immersive environment.

What is YOUR definition of adventure and WHEN was the last time you did something for the very FIRST TIME?

Think about it and we will ponder this very question as well as others at our session later this morning….

Hasta luego, mi amigas! J


Walking the Labyrinth at the Bethlehem Centre


The above site tells about labyrinths as a whole but the good news is that our very own Bethlehem Centre is featuring a Labyrinth Walk in early May. More details to follow!

Well, I never did get out there but it’s still on my radar and my must-to-list!

Show and Tell News and Views

Although not specifically suggested in Julia Cameron’s book, I always like to build in a ‘show and tell’ time when we first gather to help us get right into what I call the Artist Way ‘zone.’ I don’t know about you but initially I’m conscious of being in a church but as the time unfolds somehow the church kind of ‘disappears’ competely as we become more and more engaged with the topic or the tasks or both.

Jane shared a downtown gallery announcement.

Phyllis shared an insider spa tip for a place downtown where estheticians are trained and spa services are available at a very reasonable cost.

I shared a set of cards and an interpretitive book created by Teresah Lynn of Victoria.

The suggestion was made to have a Facebook group page for the Artist Way and this is on my LIST for today! It will be simply called Nanaimo Artist Way group so that it can be found easily via any search engine. Much like our blog which is http://www.nanaimoartistway.wordpress.com

There now is a Nanaimo Artist Way Group Facebook page which has privacy settings between open and secret. It can be found on a dsearch engine but the membership is private and by invitation only.
We currently have four out of the 12 participants so IF you are already have a FB account and would like to quickly and easily ‘spread the word’ about exciting upcoming events now you have TWO venues, this blog and now the Nanaimo Artist Way Blog. So post away!

Recap of Week Three

<p>Because it is such a powerful theme I chose to dive right into the content after a brief card pick/share and show and tell. One of the key concepts talked about by Julia Cameron in this chapter was the difference between therapy and therapeutic expression. I put vs on the class chart which as a few people pointed out was incorrect and I agreed. It is not an either or thing at all and Julie would agree as if you’ve read the Los Angeles Times newspaper article about her past struggles you know that she has benefitted from both on an ongoing basis in her life as an author/playright/lyricist/poet etc. She can no better stop breathing as make some sort of art and really when you think about it neither can we.</p><p>We often think that OTHER people are artists who paint, collage, write, scupt and so on in perhaps the more visible means of artistic expression especially if it uses materials that you have to obtain in a real art supply store! But is not cooking an art, organizing your closet an art, designing and planting a garden or a flower bed an art? How about planning a road trip or round the world journey? Really creating is an essential as breathing. Only difference is that we don’t think we need breathing lessons but at various times we feel drawn to art lessons.</p><p>Which leads into the next topic of an upcoming e course called, ‘Painting with Your Muse’ on a site called. http://www.arttherapist.com It starts on May 31rst so there’s lots of lead time but if you would like to avail yourself of a ten dollar discount on the registration you need to register by tomorrow. It’s 75. USD up until tomorrow and then 85. after that.</p><p>But I digress, as I sometimes do. In any case, these two concepts led to some facinating discussions as we related the relative value of both or one to our individual lives. I had planned on doing two tasks for this chapter but alas as the clock wound down I had to make an executive decision and cut the second one so there would be time to do the whole group check in in our inner circle of chairs. By the way, for the benefit of outside readers and at the Unity Church I know that there are some the way I have set up the group is with a U Shaped table formation using four tables on the outside and 12 chairs and another separate circle of 12 chairs on the inside.</p><p>The discussions led right into the break but before we did I laid out my Soul Collage folders and asked the participants to choose three or four pictures from four folders labeled People, Places, Things and Animals. Their choices could be one of each or four from one or any other combination thereof. We then had tea and reconvened to paste the pictures together in some sort of spontaneous collage and write about some sort of relationship or concept that the collage brought to our attention. </p><p>Btw, this type of writing prompt is also advocated by a wonderful Vancouver art therapist named Shelley Klammer. Her site can be found on</p><p>The actual task from the book, ‘Walking in the World’ was as follows.</p><p>We then went back into our inner circle to share what had come forth from our mini collage. The revelations that were shared were both heartfelt and fascinating in light of how our group has really ‘gelled’ in such a short period of time.</p>

Vehicle Loop de Loop

Hello all, Had a bit of a vehicle loop de loop last Wednesday/Thursday/Friday hence the late update postings but here goes. Nothing serious; just a micro list of little things that added up after having my dream car, a Mustang named Mavrik under a tarp all winter when I was south. So, lo siento/I’m sorry for the late updates but away we goooooooooo….into another fine week on the Artist Way Journey Week Four!

Announcing a New E-Painting Class starting online on May 31rst

I’m not teaching this one but I wanted to pass along the info in case anyone is interested. I think one of my amigas in Ajijic will be taking it with me. NO pesky time zones, no geographical considerations and the cost of 75. is very modest for five weeks. Do check out this excellent website:


Well, tomorrow we delve into the fascinating topic of Perspective so see you all then!

Luna Azul Arte Salon
South Nanaimo