First Session/ Theme: Origin

I am very pleased to announce that our first session attracted 12 participants. I told the minister that I would prep for 12 participants and lo and behold some people didn’t show up who said they would and one person showed up at the last minute so all chairs were taken.

The first part of the session being the first session was of course, the meet and greet section. We are a very diverse group of spectacular women embarking on a very special ‘magical mystery tour’ to use an old Beatle phrase.

The first order of business is to first of all establish the parameters of the ‘sacred circle’ of confidentiality. This was followed by a discussion about the three basic Artist Way tools.

The first is Morning Pages which is three pages of stream of consciousness longhand writing.

The second is the Artist Date.

The third is the Artist Walk.

After a tea break we launched right into the first theme which is Origin which is most fitting as you have to start exactly where you are. The one task I chose for the group to do was to think about 3 ‘baby’ steps that you could take in any area of your life that would make a positive difference. The group came up with lots of very interesting ideas to be sure.

Action is eloquence.  William Shakespeare

Just before we wrapped up I passed out a started kit for making Artist Trading Cards. We were kind of running out of time but I decided to pass out the kits and a baggie of a dozen cards. Next time I will start the session by explaining in more detail what the ATC ongoing project is. In a nutshell, ATCs are playing card sized pieces of original art in ANY medium at all.  As the starter kits contained more or less the same materials it will be very interesting to see what comes in during our 12 week journey through Walking in the World, Julia Cameron’s second book.

As ATCs have been around for quite a while there are lots of fascinating sites on the internet to check out like:


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