Tuesday Night’s Shop and Swap Event

The topic of closet clearing came out of one of the tasks of the first chapter’s theme of Origin. In this chapter Julie Cameron asks us to make a list of small even baby steps we can take to move us forward into a richer more rewarding creative life. One thing on Julia’s list had to do with closet cleaning. Viewing my closet is like looking at a visual archive of my past sizes.

It was very therapeutic to release both my skinny clothes, my fat clothes and have a second look at what’s REALLY left that I actually wear. The impetus for this came from a desire to attend the first ever

Nanaimo Shop and Swap Event at the Wellington Hall from 7 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16th. The concept is that for the price of 15 dollars you have the opportunity to bring ten or more items, shop around at a variety of interesting vendors while the organizers do a quick power sort then I guess it’s every woman for herself in the swapping department as you survey and select the same number of items that you brought in. Any left over items are donated to the Haven House so basically it’s a win win situation for everyone!

The event is organized by the I Love My Life ladies in support of the fine community support work being done by the Haven House. I have pledged to post an after picture of my closet. The before picture was just far too scary to go public haha…and since I actually paid to move these clothes across the Georgia Strait from Penticton when I sold my house to move here the only question on my mind seems to be…What WAS I thinking?’

On the upside I can easily flip the remaining hangars of clothes that I actually like (now THAT’s a unique concept!) fit well and most important of all like and do wear. I believe that I read somewhere that we typically only wear 20 percent of our total wardrobe and as I view the piles of discards for the Sally Ann and for the Shop and Swap I’m starting to think this is a valid statistic.

The next postings will be more about the THREE basic Artist Way tools that we did talk and discuss at last week’s class. Just a reminder to keep writing those morning pages in longhand stream of consciousness fashion, take yourself on a solo artist date and now that it’s spring it’s getting much more pleasant to just even have a walk around your own neighourhood!

Namaste. Have a spectacular Sunday! Joanne

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