Three Basic Tools for All Three Books Morning Pages

For the people who are familiar with the first book this will not be anything new. What is new is that what has happened since the first book in terms of technology, YouTube and the like. Julia Cameron has a very active presence online and she is doing some of her speaking and teaching in an online forum for members who have paid the approximately 150. USD sign up fee. I have not done so…yet. Maybe it will be a good birthday gift to myself next month on my very first island birthday!

But I digress. Let’s start at the beginning because that’s where everything starts. It’s the first domino so to speak in a long line of upright dominoes.

Morning Pages simply put are three long hand pages of stream of consciousness writing that you do (or make a valiant effort!) to write first thing in the morning. I have done them later in the morning, later in the afternoon, in a wifi cafe, a restaurant, a bar, last thing at night but really I endorse Julia’s assertion that first thing in the morning is best when you are still waking up and you haven’t ‘downloaded’ your day to use the common vernacular. Some people have asked her and continue to ask her why long hand, why not on a computer and her reply is that a different brain process occurs when you are composing with a pen in your hand.

The Simple Abundance author calls her ‘brain drain’ the daily dialogue which it certainly is as it is a ‘monkey mind’ conversation with yourself that doesn’t make sense and doesn’t have to make sense at all. You just keep writing even if you have nothing to say until you fill up three pages. I’m using a slightly smaller diary/notebook than I was in Mexico because I seem to have more things competing for my time and attention than in Mexico. In my apartment there I had no television, no internet and my days unfolded very naturally as my neighbour gradually woke up and the garbage truck went down the street, then the gas vendors and then the water guy delivering water tanks and so on. Back here in Canada the pace is soooooo much faster despite my best intentions.

In any case what this author suggest is to do at least two pages and then just before bed to write a page of reflections on the day. Julia says don’t read your morning pages immediately because they will make very little sense and will probably contain a lot of bitching, wining and complaining ad nauseum but it you persist you WILL get past this and surprising thoughts will occur to you or even insights or revelations or ‘messages’ from your higher self. Please take this on faith at the beginning even if you are skeptical. Try to write something anything every single day even it it’s not three pages and definitely do NOT beat yourself up if you can only manage two pages or even one.

Here is what Julia Cameron has to say about why the Morning Pages are three pages.

Why three pages?

Some YouTube videos by Julia Cameron: The Power of Perserverence


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