Well, time to update the blog with some new and exciting developments relating to the Nanaimo Artist Way. A muy grande gracias to all the powerful, empowered artistic, creative women in our Tuesday morning group! I am so excited to be going on AND facillitating this journey through the second book, ‘Walking in the World.’ Even though I did this second book way back in Penticton a number of years ago each group is always, always fresh and new and reborn into it’s glorious unfolding each and every week!

Okay, now to the miracles. Well, for starters last Tuesday night there were four members of this group at the hugely successful I Love My Life Nanaimo first ever Swap and Shop and I’m sure everyone was able to find a few treasures in the new2you category. I personally found an Old Navy top and Calvin Klein pants(including length) both of which fit perfectly so I must have a body double somewhere here in the Harbour City! And best of all three out of the four of us won very useful prizes ranging from a sizable gift certificate, a beautiful handmade capelet and I won some very useful Tupperware items.

But I digress, since the last Tuesday session where we had just a small taste of how much fun it is to make Artist Trading Cards I’ve actually started collecting pictures and inspiration on Pinterest which I registered for ages ago. I will share some of the links and give you my Pinterest name in case you are also registered on Pinterest and want to be my first follower! I’ve just started re-pinning way cool boards about Artist Trading Cards and it’s very easy to just not know where to start there are soooooooooo many way cool boards that other people have handily annotated and collected so you just never have to reinvent the wheel. For new and aspiring Pinterestati simply go to http://www.pinterest.com and put in Artist Trading Cards and you will be dazzled and delighted with the marvelous selection for sure!

The next post will be about a very special internationally famous artist called SARK which one of our two Janes reminded me of. I’m sure I once bought a calendar with her bright, colorful cheerful artwork and she is very active currently on the net and has been releasing some new video content. Check out http://planetsark.com/about-sark/ to have a peek at this extraordinary (or succulent to use her adjective) woman and her very joyful art. As an incest survivor her life story is one of both survival, struggle, redemption, renewel, rediscovery and yes, forgiveness for her brother. The video on this link shows SARK live relating her incredible journey on a TED Talk.

You might have seen her very famous and best selling poster, ‘How to Be an Artist.’ I’m sure I had a copy on one of my classroom walls at some point but naturally when I retired I donated and left a whole lot behind at my very last elementary school. She also wrote ‘Succulent, Wild Women’, also a best seller.

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