Show and Tell News and Views

Although not specifically suggested in Julia Cameron’s book, I always like to build in a ‘show and tell’ time when we first gather to help us get right into what I call the Artist Way ‘zone.’ I don’t know about you but initially I’m conscious of being in a church but as the time unfolds somehow the church kind of ‘disappears’ competely as we become more and more engaged with the topic or the tasks or both.

Jane shared a downtown gallery announcement.

Phyllis shared an insider spa tip for a place downtown where estheticians are trained and spa services are available at a very reasonable cost.

I shared a set of cards and an interpretitive book created by Teresah Lynn of Victoria.

The suggestion was made to have a Facebook group page for the Artist Way and this is on my LIST for today! It will be simply called Nanaimo Artist Way group so that it can be found easily via any search engine. Much like our blog which is

There now is a Nanaimo Artist Way Group Facebook page which has privacy settings between open and secret. It can be found on a dsearch engine but the membership is private and by invitation only.
We currently have four out of the 12 participants so IF you are already have a FB account and would like to quickly and easily ‘spread the word’ about exciting upcoming events now you have TWO venues, this blog and now the Nanaimo Artist Way Blog. So post away!

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