Week Four’s Theme is Adventure!

Well, as we move into Week Four already just let me say that the group is settling into the time slot very nicely. I get there early to set up and prep for the class and at the end everyone pitches in to put the tables and chairs away and get the place ready for the next group which is tai chi. So to begin with a muy grande gracias to all for helping out. We’ve got it down to almost a science when it’s time to clean up. A-ma-zing and I say this as this is my first outreach off site group that I’ve facillitated.

Okay, onward to another wonderful theme that of Adventure in both the exteriour and interior realm. Once again these adventures don’t have to cost a nickel (I say this since pennies are now obsolete.) Every day can and really IS an adventure but certainly this week asks us to ‘push the envelope’ on what could/should/would be possible for you!

Vision is the art of seeing things unseen. Jonathan Swift. This week Julia Cameron asks to get out of our physical and mental ‘comfort zone’ and imagine what could be in our immediate world and beyond. From sketching everyday things in a small sketchbook that we carry around with us to fill in odd moments to having and writing down a dialogue with ourselves we are asked to think…and act large.

As a worldwide traveller (who had my wings clipped during 17 years of character home ownership) this chapter particularly resonates with me because going to Ajijic, Jalisco was certainly an adventure as it wasn’t even my idea in the first place but since I knew one person, the sister of an old friend from grade five no less, I just took that leap of faith and booked a ticket to Guadalajara and went there completely on spec, really. But the four months worked out just fine and this past winter I was there for five. And next winter? Well, it’s out of the ‘gringo’ zone to a place in Mexico where I can really work on mi espanol in a more immersive environment.

What is YOUR definition of adventure and WHEN was the last time you did something for the very FIRST TIME?

Think about it and we will ponder this very question as well as others at our session later this morning….

Hasta luego, mi amigas! J


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