Totem Wolf Symbols: Wolf Meaning and Symbolism

This morning, in the context of the theme of discernment we will be examining our animal totem. In looking at this concept in a ‘strobe light flash of clarity’ I suddenly realized that I believe I have a different one for the last three decades of my life and the most recent animal totem that has come to me is the wolf. I’ve had the famous book for quite a long time. I believe now is finally, finally the right time to read it!


Media Deprivation Time

I’ve been checking out and one of her blog postings was on what she gtermed Media Deprivation. In the first book, ‘The Artist Way’ Julia recommended that we emblark on a one week NO reading week to stem the inflow of information and concentrate on the outflow of our creative process. Since the advent of our 24/7 constant information on demand Julia has extended the reading ‘diet’ to include all forms of electronic input from t.v. to internet to Facebook, Twitter and email. This is in addition to the reading ban for a week.

What I plan to do when a friend and I do a roadtrip to Tofino is to keep to a 72 Hour Media Deprivation time to be fully, fully present ‘in the moment.’ I’m sure that this will be the perfect time to try this out as it’s been a long time since I facillitated Book One.

Hence I will be taking pictures but not posting them five times a day to Facebook, not composing 130 character Twitter posts, no checking my email multiple times a day, no watching t.v. or reading any books or newspapers during a period of 72 hours. It will be tough but it CAN be done and I’m taking it as a challenge to see what it’s like to be as disconnected as possible for three days on my holiday.

So, no I haven’t been kidnapped by space aliens for three days, I’m just gonna be m.i.a./ missing in action for the time I’m gone up island.

Artist Trading Card Trading Day Next Tuesday!

Next week the theme is Discernment and there will also be some time allotted to show AND swap the Artist Trading Cards that we’ve done so far. Thanks again to Jane B for hosting the last two ATC cardmaking playshops at her spectacular house in Cedar By the Sea. We’ve had lots of fun for the last two Thursdays and I look forward to see the fruits of our playtime!

We welcome back Iris D from Toronto. She and her partner were there to welcome their new grandchild. I’m sure there were lots of interesting places to go on Artist Dates and Artist Walks.  We also will be welcoming my good friend, Beverley C. from Penticton who will be visiting me and going on a ‘Thelma and Louise’ type road trip to Tofino to do some whale watching among many other things! We got a smokin’ good deal on a recent Island Daily Deal on a resort in Tofino.

One thing that I would like to publically declare is that I will be embarking on a 72 Hour Media Deprivation time to really, really, really be totally present ‘in the moment.’  In Julia Cameron’s first book she asks us to take a one week reading deprivation time to stem the inflow and concentrate on the outflow of our creative process. And what better place than the REAL west coast of Vancouver Island!

Week Seven Momentum

As we head over the crest of the hill of our Artist Way journey we will be discussing the interesting theme of Momemtum. In Week One we discussed those baby steps and if we kept up up those baby steps in both our domestic and artistic lives it’s really true that all those steps line up to move us forward into a fuller realization of what we are capable of! And this is always, always much more than we can ever imagine. In fact, just the motion of momentum often propels us into vastly new creative endeavors just a segment at a time until we suddenly realize that we have produced/created something that has never ever existed before.

This can be as small as the original work of art called Artist Trading Cards or as large as a full length memoir. And of course, all manners of creative endeavors in between.

Certainly, just ONE hot button topic is sure to be procrastination.And how even the most mundane straightening up of our immediate environment can work those small miracles in moving us forward past those creative blocks or periods of being immobilized because of being overwhelmed by the sheer totality of a project.

Blog Now Synced to Both Facebook and Twitter!

I just love WordPress blogging and have synced the Nanaimo Artist Way blog to both my personal Facebook and Twitter page so IF you are on either or both you will never miss an update. I’m a little slow on the draw this week with my updates…lo siento…due to a ten day emotional rollercoaster of my dad’s birthday, my birthday and Mother’s Day but somehow I kept the safety bar pressed down if not locked in place and the loop de loops are now in  the rear view mirror of my 02 Silver Bullet Mustang convertible named Mavrik!

New ATC Cardmaking Option!

For the next two weeks I am offering to host/facillitate/bring ephemera for the purpose of ATC making. For the last two weeks, it’s been at my patio suite in South Nanaimo but Jane B has stepped up to the plate and offered her charming studio space in her home in Cedar-by-the-Sea on Seaspray Drive no less, like how poetic is that?

This morning during our WHOLE group/mid term check in we will discuss whether this Friday drop in should continue and where. Remember, that on the last Friday of the month I am going to Tofino with a friend whose coming for a visit from Penticton where I used to live so will be here only in spirit. Mi amiga, Beverley has never gone whale watching and now that I’m on the other side of the Georgia Strait I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of company from now until I leave for destinations south on November 1rst.

Week Six Already!

Well, you know how it is…to use the time worn cliche; time flies while you are having fun. I absolutely believe we are along with learning about ourselves and the members in our diverse, dynamic group.

This week the theme is ‘Discovering Our Personal Boundaries.’ This theme we approach from two different ways; from without/external and within/internal. We will examine those factors/circumstances/people in our lives that ‘dim our light’ and those factors/circumstances/people that ‘illuminate our light’ to it’s maximum wattage and beyond. So let your light shine, ladies as we embark on yet another action packed full tilt boogie session!