Tasks for the Theme of Adventure!

The past week was extremely interesting and engaging with 100% participation from all! Although I do follow the book I also veer off the book and come up with my own ideas by myself or as a result from facillitating past groups.

So the FIRST task we did was number our papers from one to ten and finish this sentence.

Secretly, I would like to___________________________________.

Well, all forms of wild and wooly things came up from the trivial to the profound, from the sad to the jubilant, from the today/doable to the tomorrow/dreamable!

The SECOND task that I asigned just before we adjourned for the day was to consider WHERE in the world or beyond you would go BY YOURSELF for 48 hours. This would be with no physical barriers or variables at all. No worries about planes, airports, security lines, money, arranging for your dog to be walked; nothing all all.

Just press that Magic Carpet Ride button and you are there!

Now don’t hold back….think about this and we will sketch it in our new sketchbooks tomorrow for Week Five. Discovering Your Personal Boundaries.

Until then….hasta luego, hasta martes!

@jypsygrrl on Twitter

You might ask yourself what on Earth does this woman have to say in a Twitterati universe of celebs that have over a million followers and she has like two dozen one of whom is my engineer cousin from Calgary. Well, for me the challenge for me is to either share an insider tip OR to try to encapsulate my day in only 130 characters including spaces and punctuation marks. It’s a no cost, no risk cheap thrill in my humble opinion/imho.

And that’s the way it is on this first Monday in May! See you all manana at the Unity Church at 10 but remember I do open the church early if you want to come before 10 to chat or ask questions or whatever….

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