Week Seven Momentum

As we head over the crest of the hill of our Artist Way journey we will be discussing the interesting theme of Momemtum. In Week One we discussed those baby steps and if we kept up up those baby steps in both our domestic and artistic lives it’s really true that all those steps line up to move us forward into a fuller realization of what we are capable of! And this is always, always much more than we can ever imagine. In fact, just the motion of momentum often propels us into vastly new creative endeavors just a segment at a time until we suddenly realize that we have produced/created something that has never ever existed before.

This can be as small as the original work of art called Artist Trading Cards or as large as a full length memoir. And of course, all manners of creative endeavors in between.

Certainly, just ONE hot button topic is sure to be procrastination.And how even the most mundane straightening up of our immediate environment can work those small miracles in moving us forward past those creative blocks or periods of being immobilized because of being overwhelmed by the sheer totality of a project.

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