Media Deprivation Time

I’ve been checking out and one of her blog postings was on what she gtermed Media Deprivation. In the first book, ‘The Artist Way’ Julia recommended that we emblark on a one week NO reading week to stem the inflow of information and concentrate on the outflow of our creative process. Since the advent of our 24/7 constant information on demand Julia has extended the reading ‘diet’ to include all forms of electronic input from t.v. to internet to Facebook, Twitter and email. This is in addition to the reading ban for a week.

What I plan to do when a friend and I do a roadtrip to Tofino is to keep to a 72 Hour Media Deprivation time to be fully, fully present ‘in the moment.’ I’m sure that this will be the perfect time to try this out as it’s been a long time since I facillitated Book One.

Hence I will be taking pictures but not posting them five times a day to Facebook, not composing 130 character Twitter posts, no checking my email multiple times a day, no watching t.v. or reading any books or newspapers during a period of 72 hours. It will be tough but it CAN be done and I’m taking it as a challenge to see what it’s like to be as disconnected as possible for three days on my holiday.

So, no I haven’t been kidnapped by space aliens for three days, I’m just gonna be m.i.a./ missing in action for the time I’m gone up island.

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