Into the Woods and Away from Technology : The New Yorker

This is an excellent article too read about one of the key issues of the final chapter on the theme of dignity. This issue is the concept of friendliness. Tomorrow after our usual check in we will make a list of ways of how we can get and stay grounded and why this is important for an expansive and enriching creative life.


The Ta Da List!


One of the tasks we did a week or so back was to make a Ta Da list of things not to do but already so we could celebrate all the things we do accomplish! This came through my Facebook feed today and just loved this inspirational visual. Feel free to pass it along!

Balzer Designs: Art Journal Every Day: More May Dailies

Happy Ssssummer Solstice to all! Art Journaling is something that has been on my artistic awareness for a while and I’ve taken my book twice across the border with few pages actually completed. Today on the first day of ssssummer I pledge Tio do something, anything to one or more of the pages…I’ll post pics of my best pages from my faithful Galaxy 11S4!

New Artist Way Classic Group Announced!

On this past Thursday, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Reverend Polly from the Nanaimo Unity Church who has once again given me a vote of confidence to offer another Artist Way session using the very first book by Julia Cameron in the trilogy.I’m calling it Artist Way Classic because it is a return to where it all began.

My value added aspect is that I am interested in adding is blending the old with the new as Julia has kept quite technologically current with her website, , Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For example, in the first book, Julia has a very difficult challenge called Reading Deprivation Week whereby the inflow is lessoned via the printed word. Fast forward 25 years to the 21rst century where email, Bacebook and other forms of electronic media is ubiquitous. Earlier in the month, I tried a three day e-fsst and found it quite challenging but it can be done and once the inflow is lessened this is what it takes to kickstart the outflow of creativity!

A while ago when I was still teaching I wrote a rough draft of a short screenplay called, ‘The Message’…with the tagline saying Reality is Sometimes an Illusion…and vice versa. When I was in the Okanagan I started a bit of preproduction work scouting locations etc. but because I was teaching full time the project stayed on the far back burner. But now that I am living ON the coast where the short film takes place perhaps the concept can be revived at perhaps one of those 24 Film Challenges. I’m a member of the Nanaimo Film Facebook Group so could pitch it there to determine is there is amy interest to shoot a ‘Matrix’ style what-is-real-and-are-you-sure type of film.

Anyway, I’ve really let my filmmaking aspirations slide in the last couple of years and now that I do NOT have to support a 95 year old character house in downtown Penticton perhaps this project can be given mouth to mouth resuscitation and revived! I’ve ‘followed my bliss’ to Vancouver Island and now live ON the coast near the ocean which I’ve wanted to do since I was 16. It only took 24 moves in three provinces and California to do this.

And now this NEW group is on the horizon starting Tuesday mornings at the church from 10 to 12 p.m. from July 23rd to October 8th. This session will wrap up right before Thanksgiving which is a fortuitious time to finish as by that time my suitcases will be in the living room getting pack for my annual…so far foray south to the sun in the gray, gloomy winter months!

All is well, Thank you, Rev. Polly for endorsing my fifth group! I once again look forward to another unique Artist Way experience with a wonderful group of up to a dozen participants.

Namaste. Joanna