This week we welcomed a drop in participant, Beverley C. From Penticton. In our check in we discussed what Julia Cameron refers to in the chapter as a creativity totem. I brought up the idea of an animal totem.

I also mentioned that perhaps this totem could change. In my thirties as I was metamorphosizing from one  phase to another I resonated with the snake. Traveling in Asia in my mid 30s I bought snake earrings, rings and attended snake handling shows. From 45 to 55 I had a very challenging decade so the mythological symbol of the Phoenix rising was my symbol of recovery, reinvention and rebirth.

And now? I believe I’ve moved into a wolf phase since I’ve retired from full time elementary teaching. I still love teaching but now my students are taller, older and have wisdom to share with me as well. Facilitating this fourth Artist Way group has given me a purpose and enriched my new life here in Nanaimo beyond all expectations!

Thank you, Julia Cameron and thank you Nanaimo Artist Way Grupo!


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