Fear and Worry

Once again a very good session! The theme was resiliency and the two main topics discussed were fear and worry.

But before we started out I jumped into the middle of the chapter and asked the group to make a list of a dozen fabuloso things about themselves exactly the way they are. Julia asks for 50 but I gave out papers with 13 numbers on it for a bakers dozen on it.

June brought her Medicine Wheel cards which was a follow up to our discussion last week about totem animals. She also gifted us with these lovely touchstones with the very powerful two words, I AM inscribed on them!

After the break we broke into twoo groups to discuss fear and worry. Iris gave us a very descriptive visual metaphor of worry like being in a rocking chair. Somehow it feels like something is happening but really you are going nowhere.

We wanted to get to the benefits of being selfish from a self care perspective but once again we ran out of time. I told the group we would start with a classic AW the took check in nextTuesday.

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