Week One Safety Week Two Identity

During the first session our newest Nanaimo Artist Way group discussed the basic AW tools of Morning Pages and Artist Dates. We introduced ourselves and did some of the tasks that Julia Cameron created for the opening theme like thinking of what five parallel lives we would have and also thinking of a top ten list of local artist dates.

One of the questions was whether you HAD to go somewhere and/or spend money for it to count as an artist date. The answer is no. You can easily create a unique one of a kind artist date right in your own home or yard. You can use whatever you have on hand to achieve the objective of ‘filling the creative well.’ The most important feature of an artist date as described by Cameron is that it is done solo.

In class, I illustrated my point by describing an artisan/artist street fair that I attended last February. It was about three blocks of cobblestones where artists had set up easels and tables to talk to the crowd about their art and of course make some sales. I was meeting friends at the other end of the fair so one way I walked through the street on my own talking to artists and other people in the street. I stopped and had a snack and drink and used my Spanish with the vendors.  Later, I met my friends at Cafe Grano, my favourite village coffee place and we proceeded to walk back down the street again mostly chatting with each other instead of the gringo and Mexican artists for the most part. Same Street Fair; different experience being on my own followed by being with my amigas.

The whole idea is that the solo artist date encourages you to be fully present in whatever you choose to do be it make some soup or chili or bread from scratch to walking through the tidal pools by the ocean beachcombing for interesting shells or sand dollars.

Speaking to the other AW tool, morning pages this very valuable tool serves to first of all act as a brain dump to clear the ‘monkey mind’ and secondly to act as a conduit from your subconcious or higher self. Sometimes, whether you want to here them or not these message WILL come through if we only step out of the way and ‘allow’ whatever needs to come through TO come through.

We wrapped up with a quote from Julia Cameron’s book of quotations.

Next Week?  The theme is interestingly enough…Identity.

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