Vein of Gold Six Week Expetential Class Leading Into November Novel Writing Month

Wowza! I am not the paragon of virtue and modeling for media deprivation week. I seem to to an all our nothing type of person so I am painfully aware of my disposable efforts to limit my media exposure to the level where it’s really going to make a difference. The one difference that I’ve been aware of is that my house is cleaner and I’m happier living in a higher level of order so that’s positive. Reading deprivation was one thing which I remember doing quite successfully the first time I led a group through this book and media deprivation is quite another, I have found out. It’s a type of lifestyle detox that is a huge eyeopener for sure.

In any case, I found a great image on google images and I’m happy to announce that the six week Writing Expetential class using selected ‘Kingdoms’ from Julia Cameron’s book, ‘Vein of Gold’ will start on Monday, September 23rd place and time TBA.

Of you have a muy bueno locale for this six week less in please forward your suggestions to

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