Next Nanaimo Artist Way Workshop in Mid May!

Yesterday on March 4th, Julia Cameron’s birthday I received my first email request about the next (and eighth!) Artist Way group. I believed I am once more called to facilitate the third book in the trilogy, ‘Finding Water.’

This year, I am in Mexico until April 30th so I am considering a start date in late August. (UPDATE: This has now been moved up to mid May!) I’m dispatching this notice in advance so that you get FIRST option on securing one of the 12 spaces and also to give you a heads up on acquiring the book either new or used. It’s been out quite a few years now and I’ve seen it in the used bookstore downtown.

In conjunction with twelve new themes in ‘Finding Water, the Art of Perservemce’ there will be a thematic art journaling or smashbook component. (Do check out Pinterest to see fantastico examples of smashbooks!) It’s a great way to use up any art supplies or scrapbookig supplies on hand. Besides the journal all you need are scissors, a glue stick or bottle of rubber cement and pens or markers for journaling. To get you started I will give you a set of the 12 theme words on Labelmaker peel and stick tapes.

The session will be approximately 2 hours, with am optional 30 to 60 minute art journaling/smashbook workshop component. Even if you don’t necessarily consider yourself a visual artist the Smashbook experience ‘in community’ is a powerful way to get and keep that creativity flowing! You can start with an official Smashbook from Michaels, an existing art journal that got abandoned somewhere along the way, a new one from the dollar store or even a repurposed old book with sturdy sewn binding. This is a very portable art form and all registered participants will be receiving a small woven plastic Mexican market bag to keep those bits and pierces all together and portable! When I return to Nanaimo I ll be scouting on for an alfresco locale somewhere in the downtown core.


There will a number of colours available! I just love the Tuesday Market in San Miquel de Allende!

For the 12 week duration there will be featured group artist dates to complement the solo ones. Last year some of us carpooled to Denman Island for their Open Studio Tour which was both cost effective and fun! Once I return, I will be putting together a calendar with all the late summer/fall Open Studio dates as well as Art Gallery and Nanaimo Arts Council events etc.

At this time, the start date, time and place is TBA as I am visualizing and scouting for a locale with a water view! Later on this month on the spring equinox I will be attending a very special Water Ceremony at the Jardin Botanica/Botanical Gardens just down the street from my casita on Antigua Camino de Queretero Calle Privada.

The fee is $125. for the twelve sessions with a 15. materials fee. The total of 140. is payable to the Nanaimo Unity Church.

Amy other questions can be directed to me at or through this blog at

I’m Joanna Babiak on Facebook, @jypsygrrl on Twitter, canadacalling88 on Yahoo instant messenger and canadacalling 8850 on Skype.

Have a fabuloso dia!