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Honoring process over product moves us closer to being ‘in the zone’ to become inspired to channel our muse taking us places we never knew existed on the page, in music, on canvas, in photographs, on the screen or on the stage.

Please excuse me if I’ve inadvertently missed any of the major forms of creative expression that presently exist or are yet to be invented by artists ‘in the flow.’


365 One Word Art Journal Prompts – Art Journalist | Art Journalist

One of the exciting components for the upcoming Finding Water Artist Way weekly gatherings starting mid May will be a Smashbook component to work on as the weekly themes unfold.  This is a specific kind of art journaling that is particularly suitable for any kind of journey within or without!

The one pictured is one that I’m just finishing up chronicling my five months in Mexico and in particular the very rich arts and cultural climate of San Miquel de Allende, a spectacularly beautiful colonial highland city.


Like Ajijic, Jalisco where I spent my first two Mexican snowbird winters, SMA, with it’s large boomer and beyond artist population, has many art lesson or workshop opportunities. Sometimes, three are so many choices on tap that you just don’t know how many you can fit in.

This past winter, I was fortunate to attend two art journaling classes and one altered book workshop led by three different talented artists. I was also a member of an Artist Way group here led by local expat assemblage artist, Joseph Bennett. You can check out his website at

Being a participant instead of a leader was a refreshing change and I picked up lots of new ideas and activities to use with the next Artist Way group in Nanaimo. And it was last winter in Ajijic, Jalisco where I led my first Artist Way group IN Mexico using the book, ‘Finding Water, the Art of Perservence.’ It even culminated in five artists being showcased in the Ajijic Society of the Arts Open Studio Tour in my apartment that was renamed the ‘Luna Azul Arte Salon’ for the first weekend in February, 2013.

So, when Reverend Polly Dozier approached me with an offer to facilitate a new Artist Way group once again sponsored by the Nanaimo Unity Church I was definitely interested but envisioned an off site location either oceanside or with an ocean view.

And lo and behold, my vision has manifested itself in the form of a downtown penthouse condo overlooking our beautiful Harbour!

So the preparations continue even as I pack up my snowbird life here to return to Nanaimo at the end of the month.

So if it Eat, Pray, Love? Well…let’s try Art, Doodle, Love… or Write, Create, Celebrate…or Talk, Share, Support…or


Finding Water | The Literary Lollipop

Registration is now open for the next (and my eighth!) Artist Way group on both sides of the border. It will convene on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to noon from May 14th to July 30th. The locale is a spectacular oceanside condo downtown.

The Unity Church is sponsoring this unique 12 Week program and the investment is just 125. plus a 15. materials fee. Cheques are payable to the Nanaimo Unity Church.

I’m still in San Miquel de Allende, Mexico but after Easter I’ll be packing up my life here and heading home!


And the Artist Way journey continues…