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The recap for Week Three is pending but right now I AM back in the Peach City of Penticton visiting friends and tooling around in the sunshine  in my Mustang aptly named Mavrik. First road trip of the season! Feels muy bueno!

Mas tarde…


Week Two: Reality

Another great session this week on the theme of Reality,a timely topic to be sure. Last week, we were collectively assigned to make a list of five  grounding activities and be prepared to report on one. I also asked the group to continue using their highlighter poem to highlight a half dozen ‘juicy bits’ of Chapter Two to read aloud to the group. Somehow reading silently and hearing brief excerpts read out loud is processed differently.


We started off session two with a check in of the three basic Artist Way tools. At Weeks 3,6,9 and 12 there will be incentive prizes to help keep us interested in keeping the interest and momentum of writing those three pages ofpreferabky first thing in the morning stream of consciousness writing. For five or more one chance is earned, for seven out of seven two chances are earned.

This book really has a wonderful selection of Divining Rods or tasks so after the tea break where we also enjoyed Billie’s strawberry rhubarb pie (a work of art in itself!) the group reconvened on the other deck to continue our session starting with writing and sharing our list of things and experienced we cherish. Cherish is such a great word, it just sounds like what out means. And yes, some of us of ‘a certain age’ even remember an oldie song called ‘Cherish.’ There are many, many things in our lives from the mundane to the magnificent fully deserving of our attention and worthy of cherishing whether they are of a transitory our a more permanent nature.

We wrapped up the session talking a bit about the next week and assigning the excellent Divining Rod whereby you are asked to write about yourself as the facinating character that you are. In my opinion this is an way to break through what I call the I AM barrier. Far to often either we say or we hear someone say, ‘Well,I really enjoy photography but I’m not really a photographer. Or I really like painting but I’m not really a painter and so on.’ The Artist Way is all about owning your truth about whatever form of written out visual or performing art that brings you joy and fulfillment. In the same vein, I don’t like to hear artists verbalize the belief that they write/paint/sculpt/take photos oe whatever but they don’t think what they do is worthy of being purchased by someone/anyone for yes…money.

Well, guess what? Some people still don’t ‘get’ Jackson Pollock or why the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has outsold all the Harry Porter books combined! But it is also true that both artists have earned a tremendous amount of money and one continues to do so even post mortem.

As usual the time flew by very quickly and it was time to go around the table to express a one word check out to convey our current state of mind be it content or appreciative or joyful.

Next theme? Support which is a very timely topic when thinking about and talking about and certainly appreciating the ‘believing mirrors’ in our lives. Even of we didn’t have them in our family of origin it’s not to late, never too late to have them in our lives right now and henceforth.

SMASH Books: The Un-scrapbook


Yes, along with your interactive participation in twelve wonderful weekly thematic sessions you will get a copy of a special ‘starter’ smashbook which is a very specific form of art journaling tailor made for any kind of journey including our upcoming Finding Water Artist Way journey.

Pictured below is my Snowbird in Mexico Smashbook that I’m in the final stages completing mas o menos. The great thing about this type of art journaling is the seemingly ‘randomness’of the experience much like life! Also it’s totally portable and just plain fun! I also took it with me to three different art workshops I attended while I was here so there are remembrances of these workshops tucked into a book that now is a free standing work of art and a fantastico souvenir of the Winter of 13/14! And btw, the binding of this Smashbook is super strong! In fact you end up needing a strong elastic band to keep it closed!



If you are curious and want to know more do check out the Smashbook supplies at Michaels or online and of course everyone’s favorite art inspiration site, Pinterest!

You will simply be amazed, I absolutely guarantee it!

A Whimsical and Deep Journey Into Your Own Remothering


Our very own smashbooks have arrived from Amazon which I have available for pick up or I can meet you at any Tim Hortons or Serious Coffee in the city to deliver yours.

I first learned about this form of art journal from the Cosmic Cowgirls and as you can see a new Cosmic Smashbooking online class is about to begin!

Next Wednesday, if the weather is good I’m suggesting that we bring a bag or picnic lunch so we can eat lunch alfresco and use one of the tables right in front of the condo to do some smashbooking. I’ll be finishing my Draw, Doodle, Love art journal that I took to Mexico this week and starting on another smashbook using an altered book when I start working on this art class. Naturally I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned with all of you!

If you do have any surplus art supplies please fell free to share your abundance with the group for the rest of the session. The ‘mobile studio’ bags that I brought back from Mexico can be taken anywhere to spontaneously and joyously capture the moment, the feeling, the place or event that is part of your life this spring and summer!

And there are no complicated layouts and techniques to learn. The backgrounds and some suggested prompts are all there and but if you don’t like a particular page you simply glue our paint our collage over it!

This weekend I’ll be uploading a recap of Week Two outlining what we discussed, writing our Cherish list and the assigned third person narrative about a facinating character; each of us! 

Week One Optimism

Week One kicked off in grand style on the seventh floor of a penthouse condo on Newcastle Avenue in Central Nanaimo by the waterfront. It’s such a truly beautiful space to convene on 12 Wednesday mornings to journey through the twelve new themes of Julia Cameron’s third book in the Artist Way trilogy, ‘Finding Water, the Art of Perserverance.’ With some returning Artist Way participants and some new people we, of course spent some time briefly introducting ourselves and expression our motivation and intent for either starting or continuing the Artist Way journey. Because the last session in Nanaimo concluded in September there has been an interval since I had seen many people, that and also since I’ve just returned from my third winter as a muy feliz snowbird in Mexico. http://www.snowbirdsoliloquy.wordpress.com

In any case, our first theme was Optimism and once we discussed what the three Artist Way tools were (Morning Pages, Artist Date and Artist Walk) and the alumi’s experience with them we launched into the content of the theme and opened a discussion of deferred dreams which was very interesting and enlightening. All of us had initiated some projects or learning endeavors only to be sidelined by…life, procrastination, perfectionism, self saboutage in any and all combinations and permutations of the foregoing…and them some. Well, certainly part of our GROUP intent is to excavate those deferred dreams, clear the emotional, psychological and yes, sometimes clutter barriers and bring those back burner projects and endeavors into the light and a better position on one of more of the front burners of our life!

As I read somewhere recently, the excuse that you are too old to x,y or z just does not cut it. Why? Because, TODAY is the youngest you ever are going to be. So ponder that as you mentally survey unfinished or interrupted projects, deferred anything at all because of x,y or z. Spring is a fabulous time of renewal and reinspiration so it is time, past time really to see what’s been on the back burner for far too long, dust off those dreams and start to take action and yes, baby steps count big time to move towards or lean into that aspiration. We are not going to be talking about ‘some day’ during the next 12 weeks, wer are talking about NOW. This second, this minute, this day, this week, this month, this year.

In a Facebook posting somewhere there was this excellent newspaper story about this 98 year old man who was asked why he continued to practice every day on the piano that he recently took up. The implication was that OMG, the guy’s almost 100 so what’s the point? He could die tomorrow. Well, the way this man looked at it that the act of learning and practicing something that he wanted to do was a worthwhile pursuit even IF it was his last day on Earth. Point well taken.

So, WHAT is your deferred dream? That’s Part One of the question. Part Two is what steps, baby steps included can be taken RIGHT NOW, today, this weekend, this month to move towards your heart’s desire? 12 weeks may not be long enough to realize an end product but process in whatever you have thought of even in passing?

Absolutely! Or as Mr. Big told Carrie in an early episode of ‘Sex and the City’ ab so f%&#ing lute ly!

And please consider clicking the FOLLOW button so that you can be notified of new postings as they go up and next Wednesday, I will distribute the WordPress sign in user name and password so each Finding Water participant can compose their own posting on a topic of interest at least once. I also encourage everyone to comment on any posting whether it is mine or some one elses. It’s always refreshing to actually know that someone out ‘there’ in cyberspace in reading your ideas!