May 14 th Week One Theme: Optimum

In Julia Cameron’s third book, ‘Finding Water, the Art of Perserverance’ the first theme is Optimism. The classic question that people ask when thinking about optimism is whether the glass is half full or half empty. The classic answer is that pessimistics see the glad as half empty and optimists see it as half full.

Personally, I have another take having just recently returned from the land of 2 dollar Margaritas. When I see a Margarita that has been drunk halfway it is generally time to order another one on the two for one happy hour special because you have been enjoying that half Margarita that you just drank and are anticipating how good that other half is going to taste while you await another fine libation made with luciously sweet freshly squeezed limes! And excellent quality tequila posada and triple sec.

Hence my answer is decisively…both!


Btw, this was my SOB/ south of the border Artist Way group!  Got lots of fresh and new ideas to share with you all! Have also added a smashbook art journal component that we will be working on as our journey unfolds during the 12 weeks and the 12 themes! And each participant will have a choice of the wear forever Mexican shopping bags to keep the art journaling supplies together.

I’ll post some links of this very specific form of art journaling that is very suitable for spring and summer ‘on the fly’ creative expression! And do try typing


‘smashbooks’ in the search box on Pinterest. You will truly be amazed!



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