Week One: Optimism

Image   Yes, anticipation is building as we count down to our very next Artist Way group here in the Harbour City. And for this venture into both the know AND unknown we will be using Julia Cameron’s third book, ‘Finding Water, the Art of Perserverance.’ Once again, twelve evocative and fascinating themes will unfold on Wednesday mornings from May 14th to the end of July in an impressive penthouse condo in downtown Nanaimo. I have invited the participants from my Ajijic Artist Way to follow our blog as a refresher as this is the book that I used for my very first Artist Way group in Mexico. I held it in my walk up apartment in the heart of the fishing village of Ajijic, Jalisco which is about an hour south of Guadalajara. This was the location of my first two snowbird winters.

I was in an Artist Way group in San Miquel de Allende as a participant in a gathering led by well known assemblage artist/interiour designer/improv troupe leader Joseph Bennett. http://www.artbybennett.com   I also attended an excellent marketing seminar facillitated by him in mid February. 

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed the reversal of roles as he and eleven participants went through the twelve themes of the first book by Julia Cameron, ‘The Artist Way.’ Always great to witness the style and organization of another leader/facilitator in an artistic capacity. I’m returning to the fold with lots of new and fresh ideas!

I was actually contacted by Reverend Polly of Nanaimo Unity Church http://www.unitynanaimo.org/tp40/Default.asp?ID=148326 while I was in Mexico because some people were asking about the possibility of holding another Artist Way group. I replied in the affirmative but mentioned that it was my pre existing vision that the next group be held off site in either an ocean view or ocean side location. A few weeks later, Reverend Polly once more contacted me telling me that some congregants had graciously agreed to allow our group to use their penthouse condo while they were on vacation. Like is this a case of extreme manifestation or what?

Naturally, I immediately agreed and looked at the calendar to determine which mid May date might work. So, this very Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon a wonderful group of diverse women will be joining me in the top unit at a condo on Newcastle Avenue! Oh happy day! Artist Way group number eight…

2 thoughts on “Week One: Optimism

    • Thank you for the comment. You are a wonderful addition to this Artist Way creative cluster and I know that you will get going on your Bob Dylan tome very, very soon! Btw, did you know that Galiano Island is having a birthday party for Bob next Saturday? I read about it in the Island Times this week somewhere in my random travels.

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