Week One Optimism

Week One kicked off in grand style on the seventh floor of a penthouse condo on Newcastle Avenue in Central Nanaimo by the waterfront. It’s such a truly beautiful space to convene on 12 Wednesday mornings to journey through the twelve new themes of Julia Cameron’s third book in the Artist Way trilogy, ‘Finding Water, the Art of Perserverance.’ With some returning Artist Way participants and some new people we, of course spent some time briefly introducting ourselves and expression our motivation and intent for either starting or continuing the Artist Way journey. Because the last session in Nanaimo concluded in September there has been an interval since I had seen many people, that and also since I’ve just returned from my third winter as a muy feliz snowbird in Mexico. http://www.snowbirdsoliloquy.wordpress.com

In any case, our first theme was Optimism and once we discussed what the three Artist Way tools were (Morning Pages, Artist Date and Artist Walk) and the alumi’s experience with them we launched into the content of the theme and opened a discussion of deferred dreams which was very interesting and enlightening. All of us had initiated some projects or learning endeavors only to be sidelined by…life, procrastination, perfectionism, self saboutage in any and all combinations and permutations of the foregoing…and them some. Well, certainly part of our GROUP intent is to excavate those deferred dreams, clear the emotional, psychological and yes, sometimes clutter barriers and bring those back burner projects and endeavors into the light and a better position on one of more of the front burners of our life!

As I read somewhere recently, the excuse that you are too old to x,y or z just does not cut it. Why? Because, TODAY is the youngest you ever are going to be. So ponder that as you mentally survey unfinished or interrupted projects, deferred anything at all because of x,y or z. Spring is a fabulous time of renewal and reinspiration so it is time, past time really to see what’s been on the back burner for far too long, dust off those dreams and start to take action and yes, baby steps count big time to move towards or lean into that aspiration. We are not going to be talking about ‘some day’ during the next 12 weeks, wer are talking about NOW. This second, this minute, this day, this week, this month, this year.

In a Facebook posting somewhere there was this excellent newspaper story about this 98 year old man who was asked why he continued to practice every day on the piano that he recently took up. The implication was that OMG, the guy’s almost 100 so what’s the point? He could die tomorrow. Well, the way this man looked at it that the act of learning and practicing something that he wanted to do was a worthwhile pursuit even IF it was his last day on Earth. Point well taken.

So, WHAT is your deferred dream? That’s Part One of the question. Part Two is what steps, baby steps included can be taken RIGHT NOW, today, this weekend, this month to move towards your heart’s desire? 12 weeks may not be long enough to realize an end product but process in whatever you have thought of even in passing?

Absolutely! Or as Mr. Big told Carrie in an early episode of ‘Sex and the City’ ab so f%&#ing lute ly!

And please consider clicking the FOLLOW button so that you can be notified of new postings as they go up and next Wednesday, I will distribute the WordPress sign in user name and password so each Finding Water participant can compose their own posting on a topic of interest at least once. I also encourage everyone to comment on any posting whether it is mine or some one elses. It’s always refreshing to actually know that someone out ‘there’ in cyberspace in reading your ideas!


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