SMASH Books: The Un-scrapbook

Yes, along with your interactive participation in twelve wonderful weekly thematic sessions you will get a copy of a special ‘starter’ smashbook which is a very specific form of art journaling tailor made for any kind of journey including our upcoming Finding Water Artist Way journey.

Pictured below is my Snowbird in Mexico Smashbook that I’m in the final stages completing mas o menos. The great thing about this type of art journaling is the seemingly ‘randomness’of the experience much like life! Also it’s totally portable and just plain fun! I also took it with me to three different art workshops I attended while I was here so there are remembrances of these workshops tucked into a book that now is a free standing work of art and a fantastico souvenir of the Winter of 13/14! And btw, the binding of this Smashbook is super strong! In fact you end up needing a strong elastic band to keep it closed!



If you are curious and want to know more do check out the Smashbook supplies at Michaels or online and of course everyone’s favorite art inspiration site, Pinterest!

You will simply be amazed, I absolutely guarantee it!

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