Uncovering a Sense of Autonomy

This was a very difficult chapter to go through because Julia Cameron herself when she was writing it was teetering on what she termed ‘the abyss.’ As a recovering alcoholic and 12 stepper she knew that she had to take one day at a time (as do we!) but her inert critic, Nigel was far more present that was usual.

Work was not flowing or coming easily and Julia, who as we well know has achieved at a very high level as a writer, playwright, composer was once again struggling with a lot of self doubt and feelings of depression. To counteract this one of the interesting Divining Rods that she highly recommends is listing movies that have made you laugh out loud (even when others weren’t laughing!)

The assigned task for Week Six was to list at least ten of your blessings and also ten of your favorite comedies.

It will be interesting to see how many of our choices overlap with others in the group!

My list in no particular order:

1. Weekend at Bernies

2. The Weddings and a Funeral

3. The Cooler

4. Bad Teacher

5. The Hangover

6. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

7. Little Miss Sunshine

8. Sideways

9. Animal House

10. Crazy, Stupid Love

And yes,I know that are numerous omissions that other people will bring to my Stanton tomorrow morning in the lovely penthouse condo overlooking the Nanaimo Yacht Club!

Until then…Image

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