T. Harv Eker’s jar system for managing money


The visible is memorable!


Living Light Source | Downtown Nanaimo BIADowntown Nanaimo BIA


Just behind the new art supply store is a way cool store called LivingĀ  Light Source. On my Artist Date last week I popped in for a visit and a look see. Wonderful selection of books, cards and other interesting items. I’ve invited Lynn, the owner to pop by tomorrow at noonish to tell is about her ship and the program she’s facilitating in the fall.

The Return of Podcasting: 4 Platforms That Will Help You Build an Audience | The Content Strategist, by Contently


Return? I didn’t know it went away but then I’m generally nor an early adopter. If I was I would have made a fortune in the early glory days of ebay!

In any case I do want to know how to add podcasts and videos to my blog so this is a great place to start!