About Joanne Babiak a.k.a. as Joanna en Mexico

I am a very happily retired elementary school teacher who took the Freedom 55 off ramp to retirement probably a bit earlier than prudent but since that muy grande leap of faith I have navigated my way through a break up, the death of my trusty feline companion, Marilyn L’Amour, a challenging house sale, two successful snowbird winters in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico with the third started AND a move from Penticton to Vancouver Island to the spectacularly beautiful Harbour City of Nanaimo mid island.

This winter, the winter of 13/14 I’ve returned to Ajijic to reconnect with my eclectic assortment of expat amigas y amigos for three weeks then it’s off to Mexico City por Navidad and then onto San Miquel de Allende for four months in the new year. SMA is a much bigger city of about 130 000 residents, locals and expats and snowbirds in the Colonial Highlands so the weather will be a bit cooler than here. This winter I really want to work on mi espanol and take cooking classes. I also am open to teaching English part time and volunteering for the world renouwned SMA Literary Festival in mid February. AND if I have a Toller Cranston sighting….well, my blog readers will be the first to know of this!


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