Artists Way Nanaimo 2014

Artists Way Nanaimo 2014

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Nancy, Sandy, Ellen, Jane, Joanne, Tanya, Mady.

(Missing: Billie, Chris, Shelly)


Discipline of Creativity | The Art of Vision

When asked the following questions, the answers may or may not match.

Do you consider yourself creative?

Do you consider yourself disciplined?

Hence, the paradox of creativity and discipline. Can you have one without the other?.  Are there artists that only paint/draw/write/dance, pick your form of expression when the mouse is IN?

And if not, does the discipline of treating creative expression as a serious pursuit worth doing even when difficult help put a metaphorical welcome mat out for the muse to pay us a visit more often and more importantly stay for a while?

Points to ponder as we move into Week Ten on the theme of discipline facilitated by our very own Nancy!

Thank you, Nancy!

Signed, Your believing mirrors!

Watch “How to find and do work you love: Scott Dinsmore at TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)” on YouTube

Had a friend from out of town come for a visit this weekend. She’s turning 50 and is changing gears in both her marriage and work.  This can be both bewildering and overwhelming…but there is a way out of the dark tunnel heading towards the light.

This Ted talk is fantastic in the guidance department! Do check it out…

The Busy Person’s Guide to the Done List – iDoneThis

Did you know that 41% of TO DO lists don’t get done anyway? This is a very interesting statistic that we will be discussing again tomorrow along with sharing our half dozen’juicy bits’from the chapter and out top ten list of funny movies.
I’ve ordered another half dozen smashbooks to give to our gracious hostess, Catherine who will be joining us this Wednesday! Welcome back to Canada and your beautiful penthouse condo. We look forward to getting to know you